The importance of being First Villa and named Baracoa

Published on 2017-05-17 by Claudia Fernández

By Pablo Soroa Fernández (ACN)

The first detail the visitor notices, in Baracoa, the first city founded in Cuba that this August 15 will turn 506 years old is the austere style of its buildings, as opposed with the haughtiness of the surrounding mountains and the energetic flow of its rivers.

These outbursts are a magnificent example highlighted in the Yunque, an elevation that is symbol and emblem of the territory belonging to the province of Guantanamo.

Today, on its slopes there are two camping sites for lovers of nature tourism, and their domains are observed by those interested in touring the Ruta del Cacao, a path where the hiker can learn the secrets and mysteries of the crop.

Three rivers: Toa, the Cuban largest; Duaba (which together with the first forms a promising hydropower potential) and Yumurí with its bore centuries gave rise to one of the most beautiful river canyons on the planet, run through paradisiacal sceneries .

Towards the southern part you can find the La Farola viaduct, work that is included among the seven wonders of the Cuban Civil Engineering.      In the area uses, culinary customs and building typologies that date back to the period of the conquest and colonization, and musical and dance native expressions, like nengón and kiribá, still live.

The city of firsts exerts an unparalleled influence on the visitor who, without straying too far from the urban environment, enters the Alejandro Humboldt National Park, World Heritage Site, and core of the biosphere reserve.

In Baracoa Mayor Parish Church is preserved the Santa Cruz de la Parra. While Monsignor Wilfredo Pino Estevez was the bishop, the temple that holds that religious emblem, "was dedicated to the Lord on August 15, 2012, with the title of Our Lady of the Assumption".

Majayara Park and the El Paraiso area also become places to visit in Baracoa, which exhibits today an unthinkable social, economic, educational and tourist rejuvenation.

That infrastructure, aided by the hospitality of the local people, in commendable match with the landscape, now gives notoriety to the judgment of scientist Alain Liogier: "Baracoa holds for the naturalist more than one secret, for the tourist the charm of a discovery and for all, the wonder of its beauties ... ". 

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