General information of Cienfuegos, Cuba

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Located in the central-southern area of Cuba, the province of Cienfuegos is land of proud and charismatic Cubans, with a Historic Centre recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. It is the only Cuban city that was born to parents from other countries, mostly French, something that gives it a unique French-like atmosphere that remains until our days.




In Cienfuegos you can enjoy the beauty of the sea and the marine life that surrounds a young, small city, with a very French style, full of palaces, domes, large walks and a symmetrical distribution, perfect to travel and fall in love. You can also enjoy the exuberant nature of the Guamuaya Mountain Maize that resgualda the city. Strolling in boats by lagoons, walking trails, bathe in posestas and enjoy impressive waterfalls, are some of the possibilities we offer.

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