In the literature highlight poets such as Andrea García Molina, from Nueva Paz, Yasmín Sierra Montes, from San Nicolás,   Encarnación de Armas Medina, from Jaruco,  and Felicia Hernández Lorenzo, from Guines,  the latter with obvious achievements including the decima, where she has shared successes with several current mayabequenses, among them the Juan Carlos Garrote and Gil and  Juan Carlos Garcia Guridi, also essayist and poet of other branches. There are writers at full maturity, such as the narrator and essayist from Jaruco, Ricardo Alberto Pérez, José Antonio Martínez Coronel, from Guines, Reinaldo Medina Hernández, from Lajas,  Armando Landa and Misael Aguiar,  from Lajas, as well as Omar Felipe Mauri, from Bejucal, president of the Union Of Writers and Artists in the province, to which Raúl Hernández Pérez, from Nueva Paz  is added.

In the essayistic, two women stand out with a whole series of national and international awards and recognitions: Aisnara Perera and María de los Ángeles Meriño Fuentes, from Bejucal,  with very novel ways of interpreting important historical events occurred in Cuba, in addition to José Luis González Almeida, from Guines. Read more...