The Cuban Theater is in the permanent search for  new possibilities; the experimentation in the direction of  concepts of scenic shows with a mixture of diverse genres: ballet-theater; theater-dance, musical shows. There are efforts to consolidate the lyric theater. There are theatrical projects throughout the country with new theatrical representations of the great classical works of universal theater, literary adaptation of other genres, among other activities.

The  Estro de Montecallado Theater Group, that belongs to the Performing Arts, was founded on January 15, 2000, Bejucal.   The  Group has developed the dramatic theater and covers   a range  of categories including Children´s Theater, Puppet Theater and Theater for Young Audiences. Its Director  is José Miguel Díaz Jochi and he maintains the group  aesthetic with the use of live music, the force of the allegorical with new unusual images  and the dramatic burden  with high-flying performance. Read more...