Cienfuegos, The Pearl of the South

Published on 2018-04-12 by Rogelio Zaraboso

The City of Cienfuegos is located to the south of the central region of Cuba, bathed by the clear and blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. The Cienfuegos City is also known as "The Pearl of the South" because its majestic architecture and the stunning beauty of its bay.

The Hotel Jagua exhibits architectural lines and styles typical to the 1950s; from the lobby to the rooms, spaces here are big, open, and bright. The swimming pool overlooking the Bay is a delightful place to relax after visiting elegant Cienfuegos.

There are daily activities offered at the hotel, and for night owls there’s a cabaret/disco several nights a week.

Hotel Palacio Azul is without a doubt one of the finest hotels in Cienfuegos, also known as Cuba’s ‘Pearl of the South.’

The hotel is located seaside and just a 10-minute walk from downtown Cienfuegos. This ideal location grants you the ease of going to the beach or strolling along the Cienfuegos Malecón.

Rancho Luna Hotel is located 18 kilometers from the city of Cienfuegos – known as the ‘Pearl of the South’ for its charm and stunningly beautiful bay.

The hotel is the ideal beach property for a sun and sand vacation. Here you can scuba dive and get back to nature, and  enjoy the city’s historic, architectural, and cultural attractions. 

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