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Hotel Nacional de Cuba – A symbol of history, culture, and Cuban identity.

publié 2018-07-30 par Rogelio Zaraboso

87 years of history give prestige to the classic for distinction Gran Caribe hotel chain. 


The Hotel Nacional de Cuba is considered a symbol of history, culture, and Cuban identity.

From here you can enjoy the Havana

From its privileged location on top a promontory overlooking Havana's coastline and seawall drive, the hotel offers one of the most interesting views of the sea and bustling Vedado section.

Since  1930 the hotel has hosted hundreds of celebrities from the world of arts, science and politics. Among its first illustrious guests were artists, actors and writers such as Johny Weissmuller, Buster Keaton, Jose Mujica, Jorge Negrete, Agustin Lara, Tyrone Power, Romulo Gallegos, Errol Flyn, Marlon Brando and the famous Ernest Hemingway, who donated a blue fish specimen to the “Sirena” bar.

The guestlist includes well known Italian American gangsters Santos Traficante, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello.

The hotel’s reputation as a deluxe host is backed by patrons such as Winston Churchill, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, scientist Alexander Flemming, and innumerable Ibero American Heads of State and European monarchs.

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