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Methods of payment in Cuba, How can I pay in Cuba?

publié 2024-02-29 par Ada Del Rio Adames

One of the most frequent concerns for travelers when organizing a trip is the issue of currency: how much money do we need, what currency (or currencies) should we bring, what payment methods should we use and how difficult it can be to obtain it.
If you are one of those travelers and you are thinking of traveling soon to the Caribbean Island of Cuba, or you are simply a user interested in the subject, I invite you to take a look at this article that will address the payment methods that can be used in Cuba.

Methods of payment
In Cuba you can pay in several ways either in cash in Cuban peso or with national or foreign bank cards.

  • Cash

In Cuba most transactions are carried out using cash in the national currency which is the Cuban peso. Whether you are interested in eating in a restaurant, in a cafeteria or 'paladar', you need to take a cab, buy handicrafts or you need to pay the entrance fee to many places of tourist interest, you will need to carry cash in hand.
That is why once you arrive in national territory the first step will be to change or withdraw money so that you always carry cash with you.

  • Cards

The cards are generally used for the purchase of goods and services in state-owned places (some stores, hotels, tourist bureaus, car rentals) as well as to purchase fuel at gas stations in USD.

Debit or credit cards that work in Cuba:
The following cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay, Ocean Card, CABAL and American International Service (AIS) as long as they have not been issued by U.S. banks or their subsidiaries.

Cards for Foreigners: Tarjeta Prepago en USD (Prepaid Card) and Tarjeta Clásica (Classic Card)

Tarjeta Prepago (Prepaid Card)

USD Prepaid Card

Other characteristics

  • They can be purchased at all CADECA offices in the country, airports, hotels, ports, only CADECA sells them.
  • You can withdraw cash in local currency at ATMs and POS.
  • You can deposit a minimum of 50USD and a maximum of 1000USD.
  • The customer can buy as many cards as he/she wishes.
  • They have a validity period of 5 years.
  • In case of any loss, doubt or claim of the card, you should call 80201996 or go to a branch of Banco de Crédito y Comercio (BANDEC) in the country.

Tarjeta Clásica (Classic Card)

Tarjeta Clasica (Classic Card)

 What is the difference between the prepaid card and the classic card?

  • Refundable balance

Prepaid: Yes Classic: No

  • Minimum balance requirement

Prepaid: Yes (50 USD) Classic: No

We hope we have helped you with this article, remember to always be well informed for your trip.

More information about the currency in Cuba here👉 https://www.cuba.travel/en/useful-information/cuban-currency

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William J Read
Quite helpful, but incomplete. Are there any establishments that do NOT accept payment in CUP? If so, how can they be identified in advance? Can any services be paid for in foreign currency cash, eg USD$, Euro, £GBP?
>2024-03-16 20:13:57 · répondre ·