Air Transat Foresees to Resume Its Flights to The Caribbean

Publicado el 2020-07-17 por Indira Rivero Reyes

Flights to the Caribbean resumed by Air Transat

The Canadian airline began to schedule its flights from and towards Latin Amerca with alluring dates and itineraries that include Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic; Cancun, Mexico; and Cayo Coco, Cuba.

Air Transat has foreseen a weekly flight Toronto - Punta Cana from July 25 and Montreal - Punta Cana with the same frequency from July 26.

Furthermore, the airline has scheduled an itinerary to other destinations such as:

  • Montreal - Cancun from July 25, one flight weekly
  • Montreal - Cayo Coco from August 7, two flights weekly
  • Toronto - Cancun from July 25, two flights weekly
  • Toronto - Cayo Coco from August 7, one flight weekly

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