Internet and telephony in Cayo Largo

On your trip to Cayo Largo you will surely want to communicate with your family or friends, which you can do through the services provided by our Telecommunications Company ETECSA.

Here we give you all the information you will need to know to connect to the Internet.

  • Sale of SIMCard for tourists: Cubacel Tur
  • Navigation Card Sale
  • Roaming Service

In Cayo Largo all hotels have free internet access as part of the services they offer by Wi-Fi. There are also other places enabled for wireless access (Wi-Fi) from the town of Cayo Largo, the airport and Sirena Beach.

  1. Travelers will have free Internet access via WiFi for a period of 30 minutes within international airports.
  2. The Internet connection through mobile data must meet the following characteristics.

Network Band Frequency

3G           8        900

4G           3        1800

Simcards for tourists:"Cubacel Tur"

With the Cubacel Tur line you can have Internet services, telephone calls and messaging within Cuba. It has a basic package of 6 GB + 100 MIN + 100 SMS. This line is temporary so it has a life cycle of 30 days from its activation. CubacelTur can be purchased through the websites:

Once the purchase has been made, you can pick up your card specifically at the CubacelTur point of sale located in Vilo Acuña airport  in Cayo Largo or Etecsa Minipoint at the town of Cayo Largo.
Find more information here 👉

Cards sales for internet navigation (Wi-Fi)

You must purchase a navigation card for 5 hours available at the ETECSA Minipoint. These cards are activated using a username and password. With an activity period of 30 calendar days, which begins from the first connection.

Roaming Service

To guarantee the quality of roaming services in Cuba, we suggest that you verify with your operator the 4G roaming service agreements or international roaming agreements according to your interest.
Countries and operators with roaming agreements:👉