Events en Long Key, Isle of Youth.


FOTOSUB Sub-Aquatic Photography International Contest

It is celebrated every year on  April since 1982, in the Natural Park "Punta Francés". Because of its great natural values, including coastal ecosystems in good condition, the area was proposed since 1984 as a National Park within the National System of Protected Areas because of its ecological relevance. There  they meet more than a hundred photographers from about twenty countries, motivated by the desire to enjoy and at the same time capture snapshots that reflect the beauties of marine flora and fauna. In turn, diving is promoted, with broad prospects for growth.

Pineros Carnivals

Once known as "Grapefruit Festival", due to the abundance of this citrus fruits in the territory, the carnivals have become an Isle of Youth tradition.

They are celebrated every year on March. They are four (4) days of Cuban popular music, fireworks, drinks, roasted pork sandwiches, roasted corn and other typical foods.