Cinema in Isle of Youth, Cuba.

Back on December 23rd, 1964, a new movie theater is inaugurated on the 37 Street, between 28 and 30 in Nueva Gerona; with all the modern conditions to comfortably enjoy the seventh art projections over the big screen. It was named Cine Caribe; features air conditioning and a radial distribution of its comfortable seats. It has a big lobby that makes your visit a very pleasant time, with different services and that nowadays is used to host different expositions and cultural nights.

Since the construction of the Isla de la Juventud’s Cine Caribe, it has been repaired several times, but the lack of continuous maintenance makes it a flaw in the local culture, as its scenery can’t show or guarantee the different artistic activities that are part of the cultural wealth of this municipality. The devastating hurricane Gustav destroyed a big part of the facilities on August 30, 2008.

There’s another small screen in Santa Fe, which is used for projecting movies and other scenic arts.

Caribe Cinema

Address: 37 Street b/28 and 30. Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba.
Phone numbers: (00 53) (46) 322416.