Plaza del Carmen, Camagüey City, Cuba

Between bell towers and sea foam: Camagüey province  turns out to be a pleasant surprise for the travelers who decide to make a journey across the Island. Vast plains and abundant palm trees characterize the countryside scenery. Two clusters of low mountains stand out in the flat landscape: Sierra de Cubitas, to the North, is remarkable for its canyons cutting it deeply and transversely as well as for the presence of a great amount of archeologically relevant caves; Sierra de Najasa, to the South, features fossil wood remnants, a dazzling natural marvel. Right in the very center, as if emerging from the past, the capital city breaks through, full of magnificent bell towers and elegant old buildings that were once the core of the village Santa María del Puerto del Principe: a labyrinthine web of streets, alleys and squares unparalleled in the Caribbean region, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in 2008. Read more...


Be amazed by the wide array of options for tourism in Camaguey province. Beaches, culture, nature, places of tourist interest, excursions inside and outside the city will make your visit to this Cuban province an experience to remember.

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