Bacunayagua Bridge

Considered one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering, it was inaugurated on September 26, 1959 with the aim of facilitating access to the northern area of ​​Matanzas for those who come from the capital.The Bacunayagua bridge has an extension of the maple of 114 meters, 314 long and 16 wide, which makes it the tallest and one of the most important in the country.The projection and execution of the work was carried out by Cuban engineers led by Luis SáenzDuplace, main designer. According to specialists, it was essential to apply for the first time in Cuba the construction of semi-arches of the Melan system, executed with rolled steel that was assembled in two parts, rotating each until achieving the correct position, quite a challenge for the moment. Located in the heart of the Yumurí Valley, it also has a viewpoint that enables visitors to appreciate the natural wonders of the place, including more than seventy different species of animals that find safe refuge.The impressive Bacunayagua bridge in conjunction with the Valley, make up a complex where nature and architecture mix harmoniously and uniquely.