Nature in Mayabeque

Jibacoa Tourist Region  offers  a  surprising landscape with its 7 km of extension, high cliffs and towering cliffs bordering the north coast. Its  beaches have  a great feeling of privacy. All this, together with the transparency of its waters and beauty of the seabed around  the north coast and the mangrove areas around  the south, and its peculiar vegetation, create a unique landscape that makes of Jibacoa an unforgettable tourist destination. The northern coast of the province of Mayabeque has historical and natural sites of great interest, such as the Jibacoa Beaches, Hershey Gardens and the Escaleras de Jaruco.

The Jibacoa Beaches occupy a  territory of about  9.5 km. You can find here  beautiful and relatively small beaches (200 - 850 meters), many of them at the bottom of small coves and flanked all by heights and hills covered by a thick vegetation. Other beaches of much beauty are Enamorados and Arroyo Bermejo. These  beaches are  small but also beautiful and with good sand and crystal clear waters. Other attractive places such as Puerto Escondido, Boca de Canasí and Boca de Jaruco can also be found on the coast. Read more...