Mayabeque is  a territory with a great wealth of culture and original cultural manifestations. Here, peasant folklore and dance art live in the memory of the people since ancient times. The arrival of Haitian, Caribbean, Spanish and Chinese immigrants in  the 19th century, who came in search of work, left a cultural imprint on our communities. They brought their traditions with them, and drinks, crafts, music, language, dances and rhythms, and religion, which were  displayed during the festivities in their villages. Among the traditions that remain  is the Charangas de Bejucal, which are part of the Cultural Heritage of our country. Traditional music festival that has been celebrated for more than 100 years and it is held always at the same time of the year.

“Repentismo”  is another manifestation of identity in the region. Its  beginnings was a distinctly rural phenomenon that has spread to other areas and age groups.  Rumba was created in  the mid-nineteenth century. The rumba as the more genuine music-dance community expression of the Cuban national culture, and that has become part of the popular conscience, a lifestyle, a social behavior, a way of speaking, communicating. Read more...