The  Dance is one of the first cultural manifestations of the Cuban people. Like music, with which it has indissoluble links, dance is performed in Cuba in a peculiar way since the first centuries of colonization, and it transcends its borders and has points of contact and communion with the Caribbean, the rest of the American continent and Europe.

Orisha Oko: The Orishaoko folk group was founded on August 19, 2003, led by the first dancer, choreographer and maitre Leonel Menéndez Murray. With headquarters in Bejucal, Mayabeque province, he teaches workshops, master classes and counts on his repertoire with more than 15 choreographies. His company works in the revitalization, preservation, conservation and diffusion of the intangible heritage of Cuban folklore in the manifestations of: dance, music and singing. It is dedicated to African ancestral dances and Afro-Caribbean, popular national dances: urban, peasant and casino.