Plastic Arts in Matanzas

In Matanzas City, the cultural epicenter has moved to the Narvaez Street Promedade. In it there are small gastronomic businesses related to the cultural theme. At the same time, several artists reconditioned premises to turn them into their own galleries and merged the traditional workshop where the works are produced, with personal exhibition areas of a public nature.

The lolos Workshop is one of its main attractions, Osmani Betancourt, founder and manager of the Gallery-Workshop Lolo, is recognized for making sculptures of themes and provocative forms. With a remarkable bill, they catch the attention of passersby from the first eye contact. Its place is legitimized as one of the busiest workshops for art lovers in Cuba and abroad.

Manuel Hernández, cartoonist and ceramist from Matanzas, winner of multiple national and international awards in categories such as Humor and Journalism, has been working for several years in this same workshop, hand in hand with the "Lolo".

Very close to the Promedade, in the Fundational Square of the City, is the Esquerré art gallery, whose main mission is to promote the plastic arts in the province, whether of Matanzas artists, of the national or international catalog, always struggling to maintain the high quality of the works they present.