Shopping and Stores in Varadero

To go shopping in Varadero, the options are accessible and varied. Highlights the local craftsmanship, elaborated with great skill and offered in the shops, shopping malls and beaches of Varadero. It is also possible to find good rum, the emblematic Cuban cigars, as well as boutiques with fashionable clothes and accessories.

Casa del Ron and Casas del Habano

These stores in Varadero offer two of the most representative products of Cuba: rum and cigars. With a great selection of brands, Casa del Ron is the place par excellence to get a good rum, the national drink of Cuba. After your shopping in this place, you just have to take a few steps to enter the Casa del Habano, one of the best establishments of its kind on an international level. It has an incredible variety of cigars of world quality, made by hand and at very reasonable prices.

Duty Free Shops at the Airport

If during your holidays in Varadero the sun, the beaches and the fine sand kept you entertained and you did not have time to go shopping, at the Varadero Airport you will find gifts and souvenirs at the departure terminals in various duty-free shops, with cigars, handicrafts, coffee, the traditional Cuban rum, as other ideal items to take as a souvenir of your stay.

Handicraft Market

In the city you will find good opportunities to buy beautiful handicrafts. We recommend you visit the 1st. Avenida, which concentrates a good number of establishments with crafts and souvenirs.