Cultural Scenario in Matanzas, Cuba


Matanzas, a city that has 29 bridges, including the Bacunayagua, the highest one in Cuba, also has the largest number of streets with stairs. This is a city full of history, heritage and cultural values ​​where the foreign visitor finds truly unique novelties.

Marked in its history by the arrival of the poetess Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and original or adopted cradle of great poets like Jose Jacinto Milanes, Gabriel of the Conception Valdés (Plácido), Bonifacio Byrne ("My Flag"), Agustín Acosta and the contemporary Carilda Oliver Labra (unique representative of her style); And of musicians like Miguel Faílde, author of the first danzón that was danced in Cuba and that soon became national dance; Aniceto Díaz (creator of the danzonete), José White (author of La Bella Cubana) or Dámaso Pérez Prado (creator of the mambo); Matanzas invites to enjoy also the troubadour movement, peñas of poetry and literary gatherings.