New Measures of International Sanitary Control in Cuba

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Cuba will request the submittance of a negative PCR test to all passengers arriving to the country from January 10th on. The performance of the test must be carried out 72 hours before the day of the trip.

Every passenger must submit to the Authorities of Sanitary Control the certificate that proves being “negative to Covid-19” issued by a certified lab in the country you come from.

The measure of requiring a negative PCR to all passengers is because of a noticeable increasement of daily infection since the reopening of Cuban airports in mid-October, with a high influence of imported cases and local infection linked to contact with travelers.  

The local authorities stated that the country will remain opened to tourism although with greater restrictions. Cuba had its highest peak of daily infected cases to Covid-19 the last December 24 with 217 new positives -101 of them imported- gathering 10.717 persons diagnosed with the disease since March and 139 deaths.

According to a resolution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the current epidemiological surveillance protocol stablishes for residents the performance of two PCR tests upon arrival to the country: the first one in the airport and the other five days after. Travelers must remain at their home or accommodation until they receive the test negative result.

Travelers staying in the Cuban territory for less than five days are discharged from the second test; while tourists lodged in hotels will undergo one single test at the airport and then they will be surveilled by the medical team in the hotel.

In recent days the authorities have reinforced the messages in which they ask the population to comply with the protection measures, and especially when they have contact with people from abroad.

Many of the contagion sources detected since the reopening of the Cuban borders, which remained closed for eight months, have been related to travelers who did not follow the isolation protocol, and to people who were in contact with them.

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