Gastronomy in Baracoa Guantanamo

The Baracoa-Guantánamo destination has an exquisite culinary culture typical of the region and that is evident in its gastronomy. Dishes such as tetí, bacán, coconut milk, corn stew and calalú originate from this eastern territory. The typical dishes of Guantánamo survive and are welcomed by all generations and groups of foreigners who come from other nations.

Restaurants in Baracoa Guantanamo:


1870 Restaurant

Address: Crombet St. / Calixto García and Pedro A. Pérez. Guantanamo City.
Tel. (53) 2132 0540.
Specialty: Cuban and International Food.

Bodeguita de Paseo Restaurant

Address: Los Estudiantes Avenue / Carlos Manuel and Beneficencia. Guantanamo City.
Tel. (53) 2132 3560. 
Specialty: Cuban food.