Bank Services available in Baracoa-Guantánamo

Get here information about Cuban currency      

The Exchange of freely convertible currency (currency) for cuban peso(CUP), is carried out respecting the current exchange rate of the different currency, according to the fluctuation in the world market. Find our bank services in
 At the airports there are Exchange Houses (CADECA) open 24 hours a day, we suggest when you arrive in Cuba, acquire the BANDEC Prepaid Card, for values of 200, 500 and 1000 USD.
VISA and MASTERCARD credit card are accepted as long as they have not been issued by US Banks or their affiliates. With both cards you can withdrow money in Banks, CADECAS and ATMs. Bear in mind that: If the branch of the Bank that issues your card in your country is a United States Bank, your card will NOT be accepted.
 Always change in CADECA or in Banks, avoid changing with unauthorized people for these purposes.
 In Cuba you can change the following currencies: Canadian dollar, British pound, Mexican peso, Swiss franc, euro, Japanese yen and US dollar.
 In case you stay in private houses, you must have cash, as this is the only accepted mean of payment.


In Baracoa-Guantánamo there is a banking services infrastructure that includes a network of banks, exchange houses (CADECAS) and automatic teller machines (ATM). You can access the banking services of Banco Popular de Ahorro and Banco de Crédito y Comercio with central branches and a team of professionals who provide personalized attention. The cuban peso (CUP) is the legal tender in Cuba. Officiallly 24 cuban pesos are equivalent to 1 peso of freely convertible currency. (1 US dollar).

👉Here you can find the contact information and location of...

  • Banks

  • Banks
    Bank Address Phones
    BFI 13 de Junio (Ahogados) and 14 Norte Street, Caribe District, Guantánamo City. (53) 2135 5266
    BPA Los Maceos, between Emilio Giró and Bartolomé Masó (Carretera) Street, # 662, Guantánamo City. (53) 2132 7251
    BPA Prado, between Emilio Giró and Bartolomé Masó (Carretera) Street, Guantánamo City. (53) 2132 7340
    BPA 5 Oeste and 10 Norte Street, General Teaching Hospital, Guantánamo City.  
    BPA Martí, between Ciro Frías and Céspedes Street, # 166, Baracoa. (53) 2164 2286/3843
    BANDEC 4 between 9 and 11 Street, Rubén López Sabariego District, Guantánamo City. (53) 2164 382211
    BANDEC 11 Norte Street and corner of 13 de Junio Avenue (Ahogados), Caribe District, Guantánamo City. (53) 2138 1530
    BANDEC Calixto García Street and Emilio Giró corner # 952, Guantánamo City. (53) 2132 7321
    BANDEC Calixto García Street and Bartolomé Massó corner, Guantánamo City.  
    BANDEC 10 Sur Street and 1 Oeste corner, Guantánamo City.  
    BANDEC Maceo, between 10 de Octubre and 24 de Febrero Street, # 99, Baracoa. (53) 2164 2003/2218/2771

    Address Phones Hours
    Calixto García Street and Prado corner, Guantánamo City. (53) 2135 5909 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Pedro A. Pérez, between Carretera and Emilio Giro Street, Guantánamo City. (53) 2132 4238 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Martí, between Roberto Reyes and Limbano Sánchez Street, # 261, Baracoa. (53) 2164 5345 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • ATM

  • ATM
    ATM Address
    ATM Bartolomé Masó

    Bartolomé Masó (Carretera), between Calixto García and Pedro A. Pérez Street, Guantánamo City.

    ATM Caribe District 11 Norte Street and corner of 13 de Junio Avenue (Ahogados), Caribe District, Guantánamo City.
    ATM Los Maceos Los Maceos, between Emilio Giró and Bartolomé Masó (Carretera), Guantánamo City.
    ATM Martí Martí, between Ciro Frías and Céspedes Street, # 166, Baracoa.

 🤔¿How much to spend in Baracoa-Guantánamo in one day?🤔

Reasonable price less than 750.00 CUP
Private houses : 250.00 - 750.00 CUP
State Restaurant : 60.00 - 150.00 CUP/span>
Cheap entrance to a museum : 10.0 - 30.0 CUP
Average price between 250.00 - 1584.00 CUP
Intermediate Hotels: 523.00 - 1056.00 CUP
Meals in private restaurants : 250.00 - 500.00 CUP
Travels by Víazul buses: Havana-Baracoa 1584.00 CUP
High price more than 2500.00 CUP
Resort or historic hotel: 500.00 - 1056.00 CUP
Car o taxi Rental : 2500.00 - 5000.00 CUP
Nightclubs : 50.00 - 350.00 CUP 

More information about BANDEC Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are issued by the Banco de Crédito y Comercio (BANDEC) for values of: 200, 500 and 1000 North American dollars, which are marketed through the Currency Echange Offices (CADECA), in any currency that is currently listed your commercial network.

This card is not personalized, so it can be operated by those who have their PIN.

At the request of the client, the balance of the card is reimbursed by the Exchange Offices (CADECA) to the tourist in freely convertible currency, upon leaving the country, at international airports, in any of the foreign currencies accepted by the country.