Nautical Activities in Baracoa-Guantanamo

Water Tours:

The territory has the largest hydrographic basin on the Island and the entire easternmost coastline of Cuba known as the Osico del Caimán, where the Sun rises first and where Cuba begins with a northeast and southeast coastline delimited by the Punta de Faro Maisí, where the most abundant rivers and beaches of great value, landscape, endemism and traditions highlighted by the Walks in Cayucas, boats, rafts and marine and fishing boats stand out. In its non-hotel there are offers from the Marian Marlin, Villa Gaviota Baracoa, the Humboldt Park and Flora and Fauna, covering areas of the Knives of Toa Biosphere Reserve and the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, a World Heritage Site.

Currently at the destination, only the boat ride on the Yumurí River is being developed. The other nautical activities will be gradually restored

Boat ride on the Yumurí River:

It is necessary to make a journey of about 30 km, in which way you will enjoy the typicality of the northern coastal coastline and a very attractive natural tunnel known as “El Paso de Los Alemanes” until you reach the Ranchón de Yumurí de Gaviota next to the River Canyon Yumurí that has an imposing height and declared a Natural Element Outstanding for its endemism and bird reservoir, one of the largest rivers and which is bordering on Maisí. For the ride the boat leaves a rustic wooden jetty with a guide with natural appreciations of the surroundings. In addition, the experience of divine magic where the aboriginal legend of the word Yumurí is mixed up to the legendary community traditions; its history and the banana or banana culture at its best. When approaching the islet of river sands that divides the flow into two parts and at the same time serves as a landing, to rest and stay during the stay and bathing in the river in a healthy, quiet and cozy environment, there you will appreciate and live a very Natural, and isolated from any modern urbanity, observe the beautiful vegetation of the wild hiding place, the melody and the peculiarities of its flora and fauna. You can also visit the beautiful natural viewpoints on your way up on foot or by car along the Loma de La Boruga, unique and exceptional for its slope and adventure with natural sites privileged by the beautiful landscape views that can be seen and photographed during the walk, where you can enjoy unique views of the Yumurí River.