Hours & Holidays in Guantanamo, Cuba

Fiesta a la Guantanamera

The city of Guantanamo, animated by the rich social and cultural history that enriches it, is decorated every December with its greatest celebration: the Fiesta a la Guantanamera. It is the most important cultural event of the territory, it has a multiple character, with scientific activities, organized by the cultural organizations of the city, with the participation of different provinces of the country, numerous cultural activities are carried out to show the rescue, protection, preservation and promotion of the main cultural, local and national values, also the exchange with countries of the Caribbean. From 1 to 4 December annually.

Changui Festival

The National Changüí Festival, Elio Revé Matos, is an event held every two years in the province of Guantánamo to promote the permanence and development of this dance rhythm from the mountain communities of El Salvador, Yateras and Manuel Tames. It brings together the most authentic changüí growers and other musician-dancer expressions such as Nengón, Kiribá, and the French Tomb, who attend the numerous theoretical and recreational activities that take place during the day. From May 30th to June 4th.

Guantanamo Carnivals

They are celebrated in the month of August in honor to San Joaquin. The summer and hot month is the best opportunity to know the idiosyncrasy of Guantanamo and dance to the rhythm of the traditional songs and changüí, as well as the parades of congas and folk characters. It is a beautiful spectacle of floats and parades, is a wave of joyful people and carnival that enjoys and shares solidarity with visitors and friends, Date of the Carnival of Guantánamo: August of each year.

Week of Guantanamo’s Culture

It is one of the most significant celebrations of Guantanamo’s culture, where the most genuine traditions are represented with different activities and artistic manifestations and dances, framed in different local events, in a changüisero environment and promoting a wide popular participation, with fairs, expo-sales, dance, and festivities. In the last week in the frame of the 24 of February of each year.

Water Fiesta

It is the most important event of the V centennial city of Baracoa. It takes place from the 10th to the 15th of August of each year, as part of the celebration of the Anniversary of the Foundation of the Villa, constituting the beginning of the festivities for the half millennium in Cuba, whose history has traces of more than 500 years. They realize with a wide plan of cultural and popular activities that reflect the most diverse traditions and customs of the locality.

Baracoese Carnivals

These are annual celebrations at the beginning of April, with a summer program that allows the recreation to children and adults, ready to cool the hot weather mainly in the areas of the malecon, is a good opportunity to know the traditions of the Baracoenses, they made parades Of congas, decorated flows and folkloric characters. It dances with groups with the chords of the genuine Cuban son DATE: April of each year.

Week of the Baracoesa Culture

It is a Cuban cultural celebration full of the most genuine traditions with different activities and demonstrations of the most diverse artistic manifestations and dances, from the aboriginal to the modern, framed in different local events, Festival of Kiribá and the Nengón. Following a wide popular participation, with fairs, expo-sales, dance, closing with the pilgrimage and festivities by the 1st of April. DATE: Last week of March of each year.