Beaches in Holguin,Cuba

The extraordinarily crystalline waters and white sand of the north coast of Holguin undoubtedly justify the excellence of its beaches. It is one of the main reasons of travel to the destination.

Main Beach Destinations in Holguin

Guardalavaca, Pesquero and Esmeralda

The three most popular enclaves, Esmeralda beach, Pesquero beach and Guardalavaca beach, are close to spectacular dive sites. There is bus service in hop-on hop-off mode to move to the beaches and surrounding places.

The spare time programs in Holguin also allow the discovery of Caribbean sites on the north coast of Cuba, with high natural, cultural and historical values, on itineraries that reach the Archaeological Museum Chorro de Maíta and the Taíno Village, as well as Gibara, a city of fishermen and with a colonial architecture well conserved. For nature lovers, the sunset on these beaches is a unique formulation that contrasts the progressive predominance of green vegetation on the blue of the sea of the small strip of beach, protected as a silent sentry by a barrier of coral which also gives tranquillity to its waters.