Tourist Information in Holguin,Cuba


Do not be discouraged by the doubt. If the urgency or the desire is to visit Holguin you will find answer in our Tourist Information Centers (Infotur ). Going to these offices will make your stay more enjoyable. We will also seek to validate with pleasant opinions the comfort of the facilities of our hotel groups and the extra hotel offers. These last ones also satiate the yearnings of culinary delicacy or in agile management facilitate refreshments for you. An efficient task will also be found in the international mail which DHL service assumes with pleasure and responsibility in order to achieve the complacency of all who visit us.

Tourist Information Centers in Holguin.

Office at the International Airport "Frank País"

Phone: (5324) 458826.

Office in the city Libertad  street , Martí

Pico Cristal building, 2nd floor. Phone: (5324) 425013.

Office in  Hotel Club Amigo Atlántico Guardalavaca boulevard

Atlántico Guardalavaca, Banes. Phone: (5324) 430193.

International Legal Consulting

Libertad.No.171.e / Frexes and Aguilera.
Tel: (5324) 421066


Suite 1, Hotel Club Amigo Atlántico, Guardalavaca Beach, Banes, Holguín
Tel: (5324) 430320

Hotel Chains


Six installations located in Holguín, Banes and Gibara.


Eight facilities located in Banes, Rafael Freyre and Mayarí.


Five facilities located in Holguín, Rafael Freyre and Moa.

Extra-Hotel Groups


Forty-one facilities that include restaurants, cafes, snack bar, nightclubs, bars, soda fountains, game room, recreational complexes, points of sale and mobile points.

International Mail


Internationalist Ave. Rpto. Pedro Díaz Coello. Phone: 24 48 11 97.

Post Office

Libertad Street and Frexes and Martí.