Communications in Holguin,Cuba

Given the need or desire to communicate with a good, new or old friend from Holguin, the ETECSA commercial network offers services for fixed or mobile telephone via code 53 (Cuba) and then 24 (Holguin Province) .At the same time, this network allows you the access to internet and nauta email service in their main and smaller offices as well as in WIFI areas. Come and experience our historical, cultural and natural wealth and comment on it through telecommunication services. Do not let others lose the opportunity to share in a land that someone dared very aptly to call the most beautiful. 

WIFI Areas in Holguin.

Connect to the WIFI network
The procedure is very simple, follow these steps:
Being in an area with WIFI network activate the wireless signal on the cell phone, tablet or laptop.
Select the network with the name WIFI_ETECSA.
When you open the internet browser you use and type in any URL (internet address) it will automatically redirect to Nauta's authentication page. If this does not work properly, enter the address in the browser (this is the Nauta page).
Scratch off the temporary Nauta card where the user and password codes appear and enter them and click "OK".
Once you access the Nauta account a screen will appear with the counter with the current balance and connection time. This page should not be closed because you will need it to close the session and keep the balance that you did not use (if you close the page without finishing the session you will lose the balance that you did not use).

  • Calixto García Park. Libertad Street / Martí and Frexes. Holguin.
  • Children's Park Rubén Bravo. Libertad Street. / Habana and Ave. Cajigal. Holguin
  • Martí Park.Maceo. / Coliseo and General Salazar. Holguin Holguin
  • Loma de la Cruz.Gonzales Valdés. / Libertad and Maceo. Holguin Holguin
  • San José Park. Libertad Street / Arias and Agramonte. Holguin Holguin
  • Calixto García Stadium.Esq. Ave. Libertadores. AND/. 1st and Ave. XX Anniversary. Holguin Holguin
  • El Quijote Park Ave. of the Alamos./. Ave. Lenin and Aguilera. Holguin
  • Hospital Vladimir Illich Lenin.Ave. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Holguin.
  • Terminal of Ömnibus Nacionales José María Pérez Capote.
  • Expo Holguin Fair .Ave. Liberators. Corner. Ave. of the Internationalists. Holguin
  • Mayabe Valley Amusement Park. Mayabe Highway. Holguin Holguin
  • Plaza La Marqueta. Mártires street. / Martí and Luz Caballero. Holguin
  • Club Bariay Frexes Street .Corner Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. Holguin Holguin
  • The Castillito. Valley of Mayabe. Highway of Mayabe. Holguin Holguin
  • Park 1ro de Enero. Peralta / Angel Guerra and Peralejo. Holguin Holguin
  • Student Residence Faculty of Medical Sciences.Corner Patria y  Central road. Holguin Holguin
  • Plaza de la Cultura Gibara. Gibara. Holguin
  • Store El minero, Levisa Mayarí. Holguin
  • Pesquero.Pesquero Square. Rafael Freyre. Holguin
  • Cárdenas Park.Banes . Holguin
  • The Framboyanes Guardalavaca. Guardalavaca, Banes Holguin
  • Park Uñas.  Uñas. Gibara Holguin
  • Post office Velasco.Velasco. Gibara Holguin
  • Guaro Square. Guaro, Mayarí. Holguin
  • Deleite. Banes. Holguin.
  • Julio Grave Park in Peralta. Libertad Street / Aricochea and Luz Caballero.Holguin
  • National Airport Central Road Via Bayamo. Holguin Holguin
  • Alto Cedro Cueto Holguin
  • Guardalavaca Boulevard Guardalavaca beach. Banes Holguin
  • Holguín Boulevard. Libertad Street / Frexes and Aguilera. Holguin Holguin.
  • Boulevard Rafael Freyre. 8th Street St. lucia. Rafael Freyre. Holguin
  • Pinares de Mayarí. Mayarí. Holguin
  • The Patana. Valley of Mayabe. Dam of Mayabe. Holguin
  • José Marti Park. Sagua de Tánamo. Holguin
  • Feltón Sagua de Tánamo. Holguin
  • Vía Azul Central Highway Via to Havana. Holguin
  • Las Auroras Park. Moa. Holguin
  • Calabazar de Sagua. Sagua de Tánamo. Holguin
  • Guatemala Park. Guatemala. Mayarí. Holguin


Commercial Offices.

Address: Calle Martí No.122 e/ M. Gómez y Mártires. Holguín.

Multiservice Center

Address: Calle Maceo esq Martí.  Holguín
Tel: (53) 24468153

Cubacel Commercial Office

Address: Carretera Central No. 11 between Martí and Calle Holguín. Business Center Holguín.
Tel: (+53) 24454929

Aerovaradero S.A.


Public services are offered such as card sales and recharging, quick collection of telephone bills, sale of equipment and accessories, marketing of mobile services, Internet access, and basic telephone service procedures can be carried out.

Telepunto Holguín

Address: Av.Internacionalistas and Jorge Dimitrov, Holguín.
Tel: (53) 24482903

Telepoint Holguin 1

Address: Carretera Central via Las Tunas , Holguín.
Phone: (53) 24462668

Telepoint Holguin 2

Address: Calle Maceo esq Martí.  Holguín
Tel: (53) 24468153

Banes Telepoint

Address: Cárdenas, No.1104 e/ Bayamo y Máximo Gómez, Banes.
Tel: (53) 24803333

Cacocum Telepoint

Address: Frank País esq. Miguel Gonzalez, No.20, Cacocum.
Tel: (53) 24327114 / (53) 24327333

Calixto Garcia Telepoint

Address: 81 Martí Avenue, Calixto García.
Phone: (53) 24357333

Cueto Telepoint

Address: Ave. 26 de Julio, No.5 e/ L.Beltrán y A.Rodríguez, Cueto.
Tel: (53) 24298133

Gibara Telepoint

Address: Independencia No.67 e/ Cuba y Maceo, Gibara.
Tel: (53) 24844333

Guardalavaca Telepoint

Address: Guardalavaca, Banes.
Tel: (53) 24431157 / (53) 24430333

Mayari Telepoint

Address: Aguilera esq Mastrapa, No.39, Mayarí.
Phone: (53) 24503333

Moa Telepoint

Address: Ave.1ro de Mayo, Moa.
Tel: (53) 24606565

Nicaraguan Telepoint - Levisa

Address: Hotel 90. The Deuce. Nicaraguan
Tel: (53) 24516290

Auroras Moa Park Telepoint

Address: Parque las Auroras,Moa
Tel: (53) 24606597

Rafael Freyre Telepoint

Address: Calle 8 e/ 13 y 15, Rafael Freyre.
Tel: (53) 24850555 / (53) 24850133

Sagua De Tánamo Telepoint

Address: Moncada, No.37 between Martí and Maceo, Sagua de Tánamo.
Tel: (53) 24850555 / (53) 24850133

San Germán Telepoint

Address: Ave.29, No.1607, e/ 16 y 18, Urbano Noris.
Tel: (53) 24381333/ (53) 24380406

Other Messaging and Communications Services

Cubanacán Express

Address: Máximo Gómez, No.99 between Arias and Aguilera, Holguín.
Tel: (53) 24452374

DHL Express

Address: Libertad e/ Martí y Luz Caballero , Holguín.
Tel: (53) 24481167

Aerovaradero S.A.

Office in National Airport "Frank País", Road via Bayamo KM 7 1/2. Holguín.
Tel: International Cargo - (+53) 24474621
      Domestic freight - (+53) 24474505

International Telecoms

Office at "Frank País" National Airport, Road via Bayamo KM 7 1/2. Holguín
Phones: (+53) 24468201

Business Center

Address: Los Alamos No. 7, Holguin, Holguin
Tel: (+53) 24429755

Emergency Phones:

  • Ambulance: 104.
  • Firefighters: 105.
  • National Revolutionary Police: 106.
  • Immigration and Foreign Procedures: (5324) 402323.