What to Do in Matanzas?

Culture, history and politics are combined in this destination, with important monuments in the cities; Matanzas is consolidated as an important tourist destination. On its grounds there is the most traditional resort in Cuba, Varadero, with its warm, transparent waters and fine sand.

Varadero Beach Resort

The internationally recognized Resort is one of the main tourist destinations in the country, located on the Hicacos Peninsula, at the northern coast of Matanzas province and Ciénega de Zapata, a territory located 157 km from Havana.

Symbols of the City

In the city of Matanzas we find these two must-see symbols of this destination: The Bridge of Versalles, is one of the emblematic attributes of the city for its unique architectural beauty. And the Plaza de la Vigía, is the founding center of the city of Matanzas, starting from it began the layout of the main access roads of the future city.

Natural Park Cantimar River

This National Monument of Nature of incomparable beauty has a river of 12 kilometers navigable. One of its main charms is its proximity to the bank of El Morrillo coast, an area of historical and architectural value. This torrent keeps a sample of the aboriginal life of the island.