Health Services in Villa Clara


Our visitors have recognized Cuba as a destination full of experiences in every trip. The endorsement of an excellent health system, with institutions designed for each specific treatment, places health tourism in the largest Antillean Island in a position to meet the needs of the most demanding clients in terms of physical and mental recovery. In addition, tourists who visit us have discovered that the health care and medical attention provided is of high quality due to the humane and professional treatment they receive from doctors and support staff.

What do I need to know to request a PCR-RT test or antigen test as a foreign visitor in Villa Clara. Cuba?

Since the emergence of COVID-19, the epidemiological situation of each country is changing, so if you plan to travel you should know the specific entry requirements of each country in real time, such as border status, COVID-19 testing requirements and quarantines.

Then learn all about international travel restrictions, and once the information is obtained, the visitor can request antigen (rapid test) or PCR-RT testing at our health facilities.

To do so, you should know the following:

In Villa Clara you can request the service of antigen testing (rapid test) or PCR-RT at the SERVIMED center, located at Calle Colón e/ San Miguel y Candelaria. Santa Clara or by telephone: 42208069.

  • The client must request the service 72hrs prior to the date he/she needs the test to be performed.
  • The schedules for PCR-RT sample collection: 8:30am to 12:00pm and for antigen test 24 hours a day.
  • If the clients are staying in hotel facilities, the sample will be taken at that place (upon request of the group representative) and if they are staying in private homes, they must be sent to the SERVIMED center.
  • The result takes 30 minutes for the antigen test and 24 hours for the PCR-RT test, which can be collected in person at the center.
  • Payment will be made by magnetic card (visa or mastercard).
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