History of Villa Clara, Cuba

The city of Santa Clara, the current capital of Villa Clara, is founded on July 15, 1689 by residents of the town of San Juan de los Remedios who move to the center of the island, according to documents of the time, by the siege permanent corsairs and pirates. The event took place on a small elevation between the Sabana and Monte rivers (Bélico and Cubanicay), today occupied by El Carmen Park and its urban environment. On that site, a memorial monument has been built since 1951 around a tamarind tree, in its shadow the founding mass of the settlement was celebrated.

San Juan de Los Remedios, one of the oldest villages, with more than 500 history, is one of the most important spaces of the culture and history of Villa Clara and Cuba. The Villa was founded on June 24, 1515, had a prosperous and upward economic development ahead, where the sale of leather and cattle caused the greedy look of corsairs and pirates.