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Dance in Jardines del Rey, Ciego de Ávila


Dance Companies in Ciego de Avila


Folkloric Ballet “OSOKPUÁN IRABBO”

This company starts its work since march 3 2003 as amateurs and becomes professional in 2005 as the only professional ballet in the province of Ciego de Avila, with more than 40 members including musicians and dancers grouped in two casts, since this company is prepared to work in different spaces, from large scenarios to small presentations. Its Artist and General Director is Maria Victoria Negret, who founded this group putting together young dancers and musicians to take not only the Haitian and Yoruban folklore, but also to be able to count with different spectacles with rhythms and genres of Cuban culture. Among their shows do YORUBA, Greeting to the stars and to Elegguá, “Ayabbá Nilaye”, adore to Yemayá, “Arara” Water and Fire, a show that makes tribute to the complex of Rumba Congo. “Palenque Poseído” Batarrumba Haitian. “Popular”. A travel to popular Cuban dances and rhythms like Mambo, Chachacha, Pilón, Mozambique, Congas and Comparsas. They have participated in prestigious events dedicated to dance like: On the 2006 participate in “FlorArte”, in the province of S. Spiritus. They also have attended different editions of the International festival ”Wemilere” of Guanabacoa at the capital, in the Haitian festival “Eva Gaspar in Memoriam” in the popular art fair and in many more acts and cultural events in the territory. It first international tour was in 2010 to Venezuela, gaining success and the applause of the audience.

Artistic Set “ANACAONA”

On October 10th of 1985 the Artistic set of Anacaona of the faculty of Medical Sciences “Dr. José Assef Yaré” was founded. This set is integrated by twenty members, including musicians and dancers with the “A” category, that belong to the Movement of Amateur Artists; it treasures victories and unforgettable experiences of who have lived the evolution of the artistic route. They have the medal for outstanding Group of the Amateur Artists Movement of the FEU, given by the State Council in 1994. The distinction “Centenario Juan Marinello” in 1999. The Coliseo Prize given by the Esenic Arts Council of the Province and the Main Theater on 2001. In addition to several gold and silver medals on provincial and national festivals of the FEU, they have participated in more than 100 of national and international events. Among them stands out, The National Dance Party, The National Fair of Popular Art, The National Festivals of FEU, The Caribbean Festival, Cucalambeanas Journeys, and other acts of Political and cultural galas.

Caribbean Children

This is a Dance group conformed by children of the “7 de Diciembre” elementary school and from the Mixed Protest Center of Baraguá. The majority of its members descend from the English spoken immigrants from the Caribbean, established in the first decades of the XX century in what today is the Baraguá municipality. The majority of the dances that integrate the repertory of this group are about fun. They express the flirtation of the “typical mulatta” and the presentation of the “chulo”; the music has a fun and satiric sense. It has introduced the theater on the dance scenes, including elements of their traditional games like the zancos, coats and the zarandas. The most representative is the braided tape and the discontinued in the least possible time, moment where every dancer shows their abilities, the vestry that uses has bright tones and preserve elements of the tradition.

Artistic Set “Telon Abierto”

Created in 1997, Telon Abierto appeared not only with the intention of encourage the artistic movement in the University of Ciego de Avila, but also has among their purposes to investigate autochthonous traditions of settled communities on the territory and show their original rhythms. Today has an “A” category of the Amateur Artists Movements of Cuba; besides, this grouping has gold and silver medals in Federation Festivals of Students of University Teaching, in addition to other provincial, national and international prizes. They have presented in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France and Italy with a repertory of four shows that include traditional, peasants and popular dances, that predominates the Spanish, African and Franc-Haitian roots. This cultural project makes broadcasting of dance and music a product to educate and promote cultural values on the university students, transmitting them the main characteristics of the music, dances and rhythms that have characterized the cultural Cuban syncretism with its deep Spanish, African and Caribbean roots.

XX Aniversario

This group is one of the most prestigious and emblematic of the culture of the province of Ciego de Avila and of Cuba, because of its capacity to reflect and transmit substantial elements, where the national crossroad of the island’s culture relies on. Created in 1966, under the general direction of the art instructor and today a methodologist of dance: Ángel Omar Mora Paz. Nowadays it as 30 members, who are divided in dance body and musical group, all fans of dancing, music and theater, besides being professionals of diverse sides of the economy and society. Their repertoire also has, within their international project, plays related to expressions taken to Cuba by the Caribbean immigrants with big presence in the country, such as the Haitians and Jamaicans. They have visited around 400 locations in these years, including places like: Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgari, Hungry, Poland and even the former USSR.