About the Theater in Havana...

Havana, just to give one example, offers shows for the most different tastes, from the classical theater frequently represented by the Hubert de Blanck company, to the experimental and avant-garde theater of Teatro el Público or Argos Teatro. The contextualizations of foreign works that adapt to the Cuban reality are frequent, although there have been and continue to emerge Cuban playwrights whose creations are not only premiered in theaters throughout the island, but have also been transferred to the cinema, such as, the film by Lester Hamalet, Old House, inspired by the classic Cuban theater play La casa vieja by the playwright Abelardo Estorino; or The broken gods by Ernesto Daranas, based on the play by Carlos Felipe Hernández, Requiem by Yarini.

Main Theaters of Havana

Grand Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso

Address: Prado st between San Rafael and San José st. Centro Habana. 

Phone: (53 7) 861 7391/ 861 5873

National Theater of Cuba

Address: Paseo st. and 39 st. Plaza de la Revolución.

Phone: (53 7) 879 6011-15/ 879 6022/ 879 3558

Theater Martí

Address: Dragones Street # 58 between Prado and Zulueta. Habana Vieja

Tel.: (+53) 78667152

National Theater of Guiñol

Address: Mst between 21 and 19st.Vedado.Plaza de la Revolución

Phone:(+53)  7832-6262

Theater Variedades America

Address: Galiano between Neptuno and Concordia ST. Old Havana. 

Phone: (53 7) 862 5695/ 862 5416

Bertolt Brecht Cultural Centre

Address: 13 st corner to I st.Vedado. Plaza de la Revolución.

Phone:  (53 7) 832 9359/ 832 0843

Theater Karl Marx

Address: 1st St betweend 8 and 10st.Miramar, Playa

Phone: (53 7) 203 0801 - 05

Sala Adolfo Llauradó

Address: 11st between D and Est.Vedado. Plaza de la Revolución

Phone: (+53)  7832-5373.

Theater Mella

Address: Linea st between A and Bst.Vedado. Plaza de la Revolución

Phone: (53 7) 833 5651/ 833 8696

Theater room el Sótano

Address: Kst between 25 and 27 ST. Vedado. Plaza de la Revolución

Phone: (+53) 7832-0630.

Theater Raquel Revuelta

Address:  Calle Linea y Calle B, Vedado . Plaza de la Revolución.

Theater room Hubert de Blanck

Address: Calle Calzada e/ A y B, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución.

Phone.: (53 7) 830 1011

Argos Theater

Address:  Ayestarán y 20 de Mayo,Cerro

Phone.: (53) 78785551