Where to eat and drink in Havana

The gastronomy of Havana and of Cuba in general, is a fusion of Taíno customs, Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine. Cuban recipes share the wisdom of the combination between spices and techniques inherited or by the native Tainos, and later combined with the Spanish and African cuisine, with certain Caribbean influences in spices and flavors.

Suggestions of typical Cuban meals that you can find in our city:

  • Roast suckling pig, Yuca with mojo, Congrí rice, Chatinos or Tostones, Criolla picadillo, Meat with potatoes, Ajiaco, Oriental Congrí, Cuban sandwich, Soup, Ropa vieja with vegetables, Tail on fire, Gaceñiga.

A list of the most popular Cuban cocktails:

  • Daiquiri: rum, lemon, sugar, maraschino liqueur and ice

  • Cuban Mojito: rum, mint leaves, lemon, sugar, soda water (effervescent) and ice.

  • Cubalibre: (rum, Coca Cola, lemon and ice).

  • Malecón: inspired by the Malecón in Havana.

  • Ron Collins: rum, lemon, sugar, soda water (effervescent) and ice.

  • The President: based on rum, orange curaçao, vermouth and grenadine

  • Telegram: rum, mint liqueur and ice