Practical Information

  • The government of Cuba requires a Travel Insurance with coverage for medical expenses and validity during your stay.  

  •  All the travelers that travel to Cuba from the outside and also Cubans that live in other countries are obligated to have a Medical Insurance that cover their medical expenses in case of sickness or accidents during their stay in the country.

  • Most of the hotels have 24-hour medical services with doctors and nurses.

  • There are two currencies in Cuba. The Cuban Peso and the Convertible Cuban Peso or CUC. The Cuban Peso is known as CUP (national currency); the convertible peso is known as CUC and is the currency used for tourist purposes. Don’t ever make money exchanges with any person in the street. It is better to do it in banks or currency exchange locations known as CADECA.

  • Once you’re leaving Cuba, you’ll find banks and CADECA’s in the airport where you can change your CUC for your original currency. 

  • The tourist card or tourist visa is necessary to enter Cuba. 

  • In Cuba, it is illegal that tourists spend overnight outside the hotels or in non-authorized houses. This is for their safety.

  • The clothes must be light. It is advisable to dress cotton fabrics, t-shirts, shorts and preferably sandals. For winter, which is more like a light summer, we advise using a light sweater. Avoid synthetic clothes. Don’t forget the sunglasses, bathing suit and a sunblock, because Cuba is an eternal summer.

  • If you’re thinking about attending any theatrical play, eat at a restaurant or just going to a movie theater, you must know that the entrance to these places wearing shorts and short sleeve t-shirts if forbidden. In some of these places you cannot wear sandals either.