Nature and Ecotourism in Havana


Cuba is known for its exuberant flora and the interesting nature of its fauna, with a great variety of endemic species in both its terrestrial and submarine landscapes. To this wide variety is added La Havana, with beautiful natural parks and beaches of clear and calm waters, excellent for the practice of ecotourism and photo-hunting. 

In Havana, for those who wish to admire the abundant nature of the tropics, we recommend a walk in the Almendares Park on the banks of the river of the same name. Located in the west of the city in the area of the Forest of Havana and preserved in the natural state, this park is considered one of the most beautiful places in the capital due to its dense tropical vegetation. To the east, in addition to its excellent beaches, it is possible to enjoy other landscapes such as El Rincon de Guanabo and Laguna del Cobre Itabo, declared Protected Natural Areas due to their importance from the environmental and scenic point of view.