Literature of Santiago de Cuba

The first printing house of Santiago de Cuba was founded in 1792 by Matias Alqueza and produces the carols of Esteban Salas. Even when there are a few poets in the early years of the XVIII, one of the most important poets of Santiago de Cuba is without a doubt Jose Maria Heredia, who highlights the Cuban spirit in its “Himno del Desterrado”.

To the literary landscape of Santiago de Cuba we have to add the poet Luisa Perez de Zambrana, and, on his way to the XX century, the patriot Emilio Bacardi, who gave our city one of its fullest journals through his Cronicas de Santiago de Cuba.

Among the modern era writers from Santiago de Cuba, Jose Soler Pug gives an image of the clandestine fight with Bertillon 166, a cardinal piece of the revolutionary era.

Nowadays, poets like Teresa Melo and Lina de Feria, and the narrator Aida Bahr complete the list of those who have known how to capture the rhythm, passion and sensualities of the Santiagueros.