To call Cuba from abroad:

- To a landline: International exit code +Cuba code (53) + City code (22) + Desired telephone number.

- To a mobile phone: International Exit Code + Cuba Code (53) + Desired mobile number.

To call from Cuba to another country:

- From one mobile phone to another: International exit code (119) + Country code + City code + Desired number.

- From a mobile to a landline: International exit code (119) + Country code + Desired number.

You should know that:

- All mobile phones in Cuba start with the number 5.

- Calls from abroad to mobiles in Cuba are free of charge for the receiver.

- Calls from a landline to a mobile within Cuba are charged to the mobile's credit.

Mobile telephony

It is operated by Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (Etecsa), which is available on 900Mhz throughout the national territory in GSM 3G and 4G. To enjoy the 3G network in Cuba, the client must be in an area with 3G coverage and the mobile phone terminal must be compatible with the WCDMA standard on the 900 MHz frequency.
Mobile line for your stay in Cuba

On your arrival in the country you can contract the services of Cubacel to buy a telephone if you do not have your own. CubacelTur is a temporary telephone line that has a life cycle of 30 days from its activation and includes an initial basic package with data resources, minutes and SMS.

If you plan to visit Cuba, you can purchase this line and additional offers through the websites:

  Something you should know:

 Prices for the basic and additional packages vary depending on the international distributor.
 From the moment of purchase, you have 30 days to obtain the line.
To check the service, you must dial *222#.
To check the offer, you must dial *222*887# (*222*TUR#).
Additional packages do not extend the validity of the line.
CubacelTur card must be purchased online and the 12-digit PIN code to be activated upon arrival at an ETECSA office (6GB + 100 minutes + 100 SMS).

SIM cards can be purchased with a foreign passport or with a Cuban Identity Card, it is not allowed to purchase it with a Cuban passport. With activation you receive 6GB of mobile data, 100 minutes and 100 SMS. The initial card includes data, minutes and SMS, but top-ups are only for more mobile data.

Basic Package: $25.00 which includes 6GB of data, 100 Minutes and 100 SMS.


10 GB ($20.00)

20 GB ($30.00)

50 GB ($60.00)

Any help you need please call +53 (5) 2642266

Recharges in Etecsa's commercial network:

Centros Multiservicios de Telecomunicaciones:

They operate from Monday to Sunday, for 12 hours, with services of sale and recharge of prepaid cards, sale of equipment and accessories, commercialisation of mobile services, national and international calls from public telephones, Internet access, among others.

Mini-points: Distributed throughout the cities, they offer basic services such as the sale and recharge of prepaid cards. For more information on Cubacel's activities, you can call 118 free of charge. Or consult their website.

Internet access and Nauta: This service is offered through Nauta access accounts in the navigation rooms and in the wireless connection spaces (WiFi), set up in different public places throughout the country (after contracting through prepaid cards). Internet services are mostly found in hotels, tourist facilities and parks in the main cities.


Mobile Phone

6 Street #203 / 7 & 9 Reparto Vista Alegre.
Phone: (53 22) 687179/686442.
Monday through Friday:
8:00 am- 5:00 pm
Saturdays: 8:00 am- 12:00 pm

ETECSA Commercial Network


San Felix & Callejon del Carmen.
Phone number: (53 22) 657526.

Multiservicios Center:

Cathedral, Heredia & Santo Tomas.
Phone number: (53 22) 624784.
Aguilera No. 401 & Carniceria.
Phone number: (53 22) 626085.

Emergency Numbers in Santiago de Cuba:
  • PNR-106
  • Fire Department-105
  • Medical Emergency-(5322) 623300/635300.
  • VIH/AIDS-(53 22)62 3636
  • ANTIDRUGS-(53 22)65 6565
  • AIRPORT-(53 22) 69 1053/69 8612

Express Services

DHL Express Service

 Hartmann & Aguilera St., Santiago de Cuba

Tel: (53 22) 68 6323