Population of Santiago de Cuba

The population of Santiago de Cuba represents the 9.3% of the total population of Cuba with 1,053.837 inhabitants, for a population density of 170.1 inhabitants per square kilometer. The capital city of this province is registered as the most populated municipality of Cuba.

Health Services in Santiago de Cuba

Thanks to a powerful network of hospitals, clinics, community hospitals and medical centers, Santiago de Cuba is capable of providing coverage to the entire population throughout its geography and has been able to reach health indicators comparable to the ones in first-world countries.


Academic achievements in Santiago de Cuba are confirmed by an average 9th grade student population, as well as an average of one teacher for less than 40 inhabitants.

Industry & Economy in Santiago de Cuba

The socioeconomic life in Santiago de Cuba is intense like the sun that heats its days. The main socioeconomic engine was born with the mining and then transformed into an agrarian, farmer industry. Today, economy of Santiago de Cuba is sustained by the industry, construction, tourist and scientific markets. According to official data, over the 60% of the mercantile production is sustained by the industrial activity, which has strong pillars in the processing of gasoline, electric generation, sugar, cement, cereals and a wide array of products and services of the mechanical steel area.