How to Get to Artemisa?

The province of Artemisa is integrated into the country through the National Highway (A4), allowing the access to the province by two cardinal points:

  • From the West - Pinar del Río.
  • From the East - Havana and Mayabeque.

Apart from the National Highway, the province has a relatively dense network of roads (in a regular technical condition).  The  province is well connected with  the provincial capital and with the entire territory of the province and with the bordering provinces of Havana (City) and Mayabeque.  Through this city crosses the Central Highway (called Carretera Central and runs east to west for most of Cuba) and the Northern Road that runs  from Santa Fé (Havana) to Mariel and from  Mariel to the limit with the province of Pinar del Río going through Bahia Honda, as well as the road that runs from the city of Havana to San Antonio de los Baños and continues to Güira de Melena.

Artemisa  is also accessed by the Gulf of  Batabanó by the sea from the  special municipality Isla de la Juventud.