Located in the eastern limit of the Guaniguanico mountain range is the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, which brings together 800 plant species with 34 percent endemism and the presence of most species that inhabit the island, especially the zunzun or bird fly, famous for being the smallest bird in the world, accompanied by the tocororo and the woodpecker.

In this area is located Soroa, cradle of the largest orchid of Cuba where 750 varieties -250 of them national- await visitors to offer their colors and aromas. It also offers us the options of its viewpoint, walks through open shortcuts among the vegetation in search of specimens of plants and animals, tours of the Manantiales river with its famous waterfall and the baths in its medicinal waters, complemented with access to the ruins of old French coffee plantations.

The Sierra del Rosario also contains the Las Terrazas Tourist Complex, dominated by amazing landscapes, more than 800 plant species and 73 types of birds in a protected area where endemics achieve high population rates, in its surroundings there are hot spring baths - sulphurous and natural-, the springs of the San Juan river, camping bases, trails and routes.