Canopy in Las Terrazas, Cuba.

The foundation of Artemisa province was approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power and was officially declared on January 1st, 2011. The capital city is Artemisa, being also the biggest municipality regarding extension and inhabitants. The province combines history, culture, traditions of its different towns, the natural beauty of its protected landscapes and the warmth and hospitality that characterize the people from Artemisa. All this turns the territory into a small Eden that welcomes the visitor and the friend.

Agriculture and livestock are the territory’s main economy. However, industry is also an important activity in the area. There are logging, coffee plantations in Sierra del Rosario Mountain Range and tobacco plantations in San Antonio de los Baños municipality. Furthermore, platform fishing is carried out in the southern and in the northern settlements; such as Mariel and Bahia Honda. Read more...

What to do in Artemisa?

Artemisa stands out by its beautiful landscapes and natural assets. It has a rich environmental culture, showing visitors a destination of recreation, leisure and relaxing, as well as a destination with broad culture and history.