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Geography in Artemisa

It borders to the west with Pinar del Río, to the north with the Strait of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, to the south with the Gulf of Batabanó and to the east with the province of Havana and the Mayabeque Province.The territory of the province comprises mostly flat areas belonging to the southern karst plain. From east to west the province is crossed by the Sierra del Rosario, the most important mountain range in the west of the country with the maximum elevation of Pan de Guajaibón (699 m) at its western end.It has three excellent stock bays on the north coast (Bahia Honda, Cabañas and Mariel), all with port facilities. The north coast is fundamentally rocky while the south is low with large areas of mangrove and swampy areas. The relief of plains predominates, highlighting the Plain of Havana-Matanzas.

Its hydrography is characterized by short and low flow rivers, highlighting the Los Colorados and San Juan rivers. The largest river is the San Cristóbal with 62 km in length. Read More ...