Currency in Granma

The national currency in Cuba is the Cuban Peso (CUP). The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) also circulates, used as a means of exchanging foreign currencies according to the officially established exchange rates. Check the website of the Metropolitan Bank of Cuba:

Tips for the traveler:
- In the airports there are Casas de Cambio (CADECAS) open 24 hours, we suggest when you arrive in Cuba, change your money to CUC before leaving the airport.

- Always change in CADECA (official exchange houses) or in Banks, avoid changing with unauthorized persons for these purposes.

- In Cuba you can change the following currencies: Canadian dollar, British pound, Mexican peso, Swiss franc, Euro, Danish crown, Norwegian crown, Swedish crown, Japanese yen, Cuban peso and US dollar.


There is also the Banks and ATM network where you can perform different operations.


Banks Address Telefon Number
 Banco Financiero Internacional (BFI)
Autopista central vía santiago de
Cuba, e / 2da y Jesús Menéndez,
(53) 23 42 7360
General García, nº 101, e / Saco y Figueredo, (53) 23 42 6340
Amado Estévez, Plaza de la Patria y Jesús Menéndez, Bayamo. (53) 23 42 6395
Calle Merchán, No. 262, esq. Saco (53) 23 57 7523
Bartolomé Masó
Ave. Bartolomé Masó, No. 14 (53) 23 56 5147
Calle José Martí, n. 103 (53) 23 59 2327
Calle Antonio Guiteras (53) 23 59 4231
Banco Popular de Ahorro
Bayamo General García n. 70, (53) 23 42 6613
Ave. Frank País, e / 2da y Jesus
(53) 23 42 7371.
Manzanillo José Martí, No. 121, esq. batería (53) 23 57 7115


Casas de Cambio

Cadeca Dirección
Bayamo Jose A. Saco No.101 e/ Gral. García y Mármol
Carretera Central y 2da Rpto. Jesús Menéndez,
Manzanillo José Martí #184 e/Narciso Lopez y Figueredo
Aeropuerto Internacional "Sierra Maestra"  Carretera Cayo Espino, Manzanillo, Granma.
Niquero Carlos Céspedes #60 e/ Placido y Martí
Bartolomé Masó Ave. Masó #18


Cajeros Automáticos (ATM) Dirección
General García, # 101 esquina Saco
Ave Granma entre Antonio Maceo y esq. 7ma
Amado Estévez  e/ Línea y calle 10, Reparto Roberto Reyes
Calle Jose A Echevarría #16 entre 38 y 42. Reparto Ciro Redondo
Calle Merchan no262, esq.Saco,
Avenida Paquito Rosales # 22 e/ Sol y Loma, Manzanillo
Calle Carlos Manuel de Céspedes s/n e/ Camilo Cienfuegos y Calle 8, Hospital Celia Sánchez