Culture in Granma

The culture in Granma is outlined from the architectural to the social, in an interaction of individualities that harmonically combine to give the visitor and the Granmenses themselves the spiritual enjoyment of being able to count on experiences as unique as universal in the field of music, the visual arts and literature.

Granma shows a town of festive traditions, musical, literary, heritage, plastic and an architecture favored by the colonial hand for a taste of eclecticism, a town that descends from the mountains pregnant with serenades, trova, poetry, are and organ looking for the warm magic To reach the sea.

Other traditions that still remain in the settlers are the ribbon runs, the waxed stick, the sack races, the stilts, the piglet taught, the cockfights, the ballroom dances, the parades, the costumes, the concerts, the recitals, craft and saddlery sales, serenades, beauty pageants, car rides, theater and circus performances, exotic animals, float parades and traditional congas.

 Also the belief and devotion persists among the settlers of the patron saints, inherited from the colonizing and foundational process of the Spanish metropolis. Today all municipalities and some communities have a patron saint, hence in many locations they still hold the celebration: