Hours & Holidays in Granma


Heroic Burning of Bayamo

Date: Jan 12.
Place: Plaza del Himno and its surroundings, Bayamo.
Organizers: Provincial Direction of Culture in Granma.
Tel: (5323) 42 6289
E-mail: dpcult@crisol.cult.cu

The heroic burning of Bayamo, which occurred on January 12, 1869, was one of the greatest patriotic feats of the Cuban people in their struggles for national liberation. Every year, the Bayamian people gather at Plaza del Himno to remember this historic event.

Artistic Galas

Date: Second half of June.
Place: Buey Arriba Municipality
Organizers: Provincial Direction of Patrimony in Granma
Tel: (5323) 42 6289
E-mail: dpcult@crisol.cult.cu

Artistic galas are celebrated with the participation of renowned personalities of local and Cuban art and culture, which guarantee a unique experience for its participants.Read More...