Theatre in Granma, Cuba


It is a branch of the performing arts that has greater acceptance in the entire Granma geography. To say theatre in Granma is more than pure fun, in this region of the country the theatre is considered culture and tradition.

Among the most representative theatre groups in Granma we find the Guerrilla de Teatrero group, which makes its presentations throughout the province, from the city of Bayamo to the most intricate mountainous areas. This theatre group recently celebrated 25 years of foundation and has been national avant-garde on several occasions.

Other important theatre groups in Granma include: Teatro Andante, Teatro Guiñol Pequeño Príncipe, Teatro Tiempo and Grupo Alas de Cuba. These groups make their presentations mainly in the provincial municipal capital, mainly in the theatres: José Joaquín Palma (Old Convent), Teatro Bayamo and in Teatro 10 de Octubre.Read More...