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Granma, a province that covers 8,371.8 km2 in the south-eastern part of Cuba, is a blend of lush nature, combining sea, mountains and a vast historical tradition. It is the Cuban territory with the greatest number of historical sites and national monuments. Bayamo, its capital, was the second village founded by Spaniards in 1513. It has attractive values ready to charm the visitor, especially along the south coast and in the Sierra Maestra mountain range.

The region is distinguished by its pleasant tropical climate and its tourist attractions, located mainly along the southern coast and in the mountainous area of the Sierra Maestra, such as Marea del Portillo beach and nearby cayos, rivers, waterfalls, seabeds and scientifically valuable caves.

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Traveling to Granma is a fascinating experience. Its enormous historical and cultural heritage together with a tourist offer that is enriched with the services of travel agencies, hotels and accommodation for all budgets, and restaurants of international and Cuban traditional cuisine. Granma is available to travelers from the world who wish to discover great part of the Cuban history.


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