Cinema in Trinidad

Trinidad de Cuba has been, since its beginnings as a city, one of the most prosperous and concerned about the popular and national culture that was presented on its properties. Among its main cultural facilities is the Brunet Theater, which dates back to December 1840, a building built by Count Brunet, an important figure in the Trinidadian colonial period. Of this property, only its ruins on Gutiérrez Street remain and it was repurposed as the Beer House in Trinidad, part of the Palmares non-hotel chain.

Another building that has managed to survive to this day is the Caridad theater. One of the most beautiful examples of its type in the province and has nearly 600 lunettes, which makes it the largest in the entire province of Sancti Spíritus.

On the other hand, the Romelio Cornelio cinema, the dark room that distinguishes the once third-largest Cuban town, is part of the country's premiere cinema system and hosts the Cine Clubes event that takes place in our province every year. Most Cuban film productions have been seen on its screen and those that have had the streets, the valley and the inhabitants of Trinidad as their setting, have had their premiere in this cinema.

Name Phone Address
La Caridad Theater 41996009 José Martí (Jesús María) esq Francisco Javier Zerquera (Rosario). Trinity.
Cinema Romelio Cornelio 41993458 Francisco Patterson No. 11 between Antonio Guiteras (Mercedes) and Lino Pérez. Trinity