Visual arts in Trinidad


Yudit Vidal Faife is without a doubt the greatest exponent of female art in Trinidad in these times. Painting is also gaining popularity in the hands of creators of contemporary art; well-known painters such as: Carlos Hugo Mata Pisch, Luis Ángel Blanco Rusindo, Abel Pérez Mainegra stand out in this event. Ceramics turns out to be the great industry that the pottery farmers have left us in theGuamuhaya Archaeological Museum, as part of its collections, there are a large number of pieces and fragments found in archaeological excavations carried out. In Trinidad there is the Santander family (clay artists) who, faithful to their traditions, keep this important artistic manifestation alive in the territory.

Where can I enjoy the visual arts in Trinidad?

Benito Ortiz Borrell Universal Art Gallery.

Rubén Martínez Villena Street (Real del Jigue) No. 43, corner Simón Bolívar (Desengaño), Trinidad.

Hours: 09:00-17:00

Tel: (53) 41994432