What you should know if you want to travel to Cuba with the new normal

Cuba is considered by many international markets as a safe destination in the new normal against Covid 2019, for this, several Hygiene and Health protocols have been established at all levels that aim to protect both national citizens and tourists who visit the country. Here we leave you some of the most important aspects of this new stage and that we will be constantly updating.

1. Upon arrival in Cuba, all national travelers or tourists will have PCR and will be required to fill out the Declaration of Health, once the PCR test has been carried out at the airport, travelers will be under epidemiological surveillance at home or destinations until notified of the test results within 48 hours. (See also: Health protocol for aeronautical activities)

2.The use of face masks is mandatory for all travelers and people inside the airport and on the aircraft. That is, from the moment they enter the terminal building at the departure airport, until they leave the terminal building at the destination airport and vice versa.

3. On excursions, take the temperature before boarding the bus, by the guides of the travel agencies. In the event of the presence of clients with symptoms, the health authorities of the territory will be informed.

4. Upon arrival in Cuba you can stay in a Hotel or in a private home, in the case of Hotels, all facilities have 24-hour health services, and in private accommodations the tenants will inform the health authorities about the presence of hosts with respiratory symptoms. (See also: Protocol of Hygiene and Safety against COVID 19 of the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba

5. If during the stay a tourist shows respiratory symptoms, they will be isolated according to the established protocols.

6. During your stay in Cuba you should always wear the mask in closed spaces, say schools, work centers, health services, religious activities, while in those spaces where there is no concentration of people and conditions allow it, it is makes its use more flexible.

7. Tourists who need a Covid-19 test to enter their respective countries can undergo RT-PCR for a cost of 30 USD or equivalent in MLC, at the medical institutions listed below:


Siboney International Clinic.

Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic.

Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kourí" (IPK)

In the rest of the country:

In the territorial branches of Cuban Medical Services (SMC).


a. In the case of tourists who are staying in tourist facilities, they should contact the health personnel present there, preferably upon arrival and request the PCR-RT.

b. Payment for the test will be made by magnetic card.

Health Services in Trinidad, Cuba

The International Clinic provides 24-hour service with a room enabled for surgeries that lies in the Provincial Hospital of the provincial capital.